Make your voice heard. Take action by joining with others to pursue your right to protest through non-violent and creative means.

Elections Matter

Participate in our election process by supporting candidates who are running for office and can represent our interests and values.  That means volunteering on campaigns and throwing in our grassroots weight.

Civic Literacy

We want to increase civic literacy and build a stronger culture of participatory citizenship where we live.

Our Mission

Indivisible Winchester is a grassroots organization based in Winchester, Virginia. Our mission is to empower citizens to advocate for progressive values through the electoral process, nonviolent political activism, community-building, and education focused on increasing civic literacy and building a stronger culture of participatory citizenship.

The group was founded in the wake of the 2016 Presidential Election as an antidote to the Trump agenda and is inspired and resourced by the Indivisible Guide.

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Our Facebook Group is where discuss opportunities to get involved as part of Indivisible Winchester.


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