While Clarke county has zoning in place to protect our rural character, the town of Berryville could potentially expand the town’s limits and thus increase suburban sprawl. We are opposed to suburban sprawl.

We are opposed turning Berryville into another Purcellville. Suburban sprawl and rising housing prices is not why people like to live in Berryville, both long-term residents and new arrivals.

What do we need to do to make Downtown Berryville vibrant and inviting?

Berryville Town Council
Starting in July
Patricia Dickinson, Mayor
(Jay) Harry Lee Arnold, Jr., Recorder
Donna Marie McDonald, Ward One Council Member
Diane Harrison, III, Ward Two Council Member
Erecka L. Gibson, Ward Three Council Member
Kara Rodriguez, Ward Four Council Member

Berryville Mainstreet
Nonprofit seeking to revitalize downtown Berryville)

Kristinia Kraybill, President

Berryville Area Development Authority
A six-member board, 3 appointed by Berryville, 3 by Clarke County

H. Allen Kitselman, III, Chair

Matthew Bass

Warren Dilandro

George L. Ohrstom, II, Vice-Chair

Tom McFillen

Kathy Smart

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