Contributions Welcome

We’ve had a couple of people offer to help defer the costs associated with the March for Our Lives. If you are able to contribute please send funds to via PayPal, or mail a check payable to David Pratt at 700 Smithfield Lane, Berryville, VA 22611.

Trust that if you send money to me, I reimburse others who cover some of these expenses out of their own pockets: Jeana, Cleo, Bruce, Ellie, Kerry.

If you would like to contribute to Indivisible Winchester at any time, for any reason, this post is to let you know that we do not have a way to raise money, since we are not a legal entity with a bank account. We do not have “dues,” an Act Blue Account, or a wealthy patron. We do not receive funds from Indivisible Guide or any other organization. We don’t even pass a hat at our meetings, and maybe we should. The way we have paid for expenses over the past 14 months since our group got started is that a handful of people on the leadership team covers expenses. $20 here, $30 there. Our biggest expense was the Big Ass Signs, which cost about $700 and we got about $400 in donations.  Other ongoing expenses include:

  • $120 3 years GoDaddy domain hosting for two websites and
  • $15 a month WordPress website hosting, and email hosting
  • $40 a month, tips for employees of Hideaway cafe for the twice a month meetings of the Winchester Young Dems
  • $36 for postage for 100 post cards whenever we do a postcard party (minus any money given by participants)
  • $40 for permit for the March for our Lives
  • $$$ for ink and paper whenever we print flyers
  • $100 for a vinyl Spread the Vote Banner we need printed for our booth at Lovettsville Mayfest
  • $$$ for bottled water cookies when we have monthly meetings when we provide that
  • $$$ for things like poster paper, streamers, balloons for things like the Candidates Forum, the People’s Caravan for Medicaid Expansion
  • $40 for a megaphone

Anyway, you can see that some of these expenses start to add up.  So any financial help is GREATLY appreciated.

Yours in Resistance,
David Pratt



$40 (Paypal)
$40 check
$50 check
$100 check
$40 cash

March Expenses
$42 Business Cards (500 count) IW contact info on 1 side, Spread the Vote on the other. We use these to promote our work with other organizations
$40 tips for Hideaway Cafe folks working after hours to open the coffee shop for Winchester Young Dems meetings
$40 permits for Winchester March for Our Lives
$15 Web + e-mail hosting
$85 (IW share of forum venue rental…hoping for reimbursement from a 3rd party org. Will report if it comes through.)

April Anticipated expenses

$120 for vinyl banner for Mayfest booth and future event booths
$40 tips for Hideaway Cafe (This might be offset by a benefactor for Winchester Young Dems or their own fundraising
$30 UPS fees to 2-day ship packages of compasses and letters to select state senators on Medicaid expansion lobbying
$15 Web + email hosting

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