Enough Is Enough: Title IX Protections in Our Schools

The Winchester Public Schools are not meeting Federal standards set up under Title IX to protect our children in schools that accept any Federal funding. This is includes k-12 public schools as well as colleges and universities.

Under Title IX, schools must have a Title IX Coordinator and that coordinator is responsible for ensuring that teachers are properly trained on gender/sex-based discrimination and that students have equal access to their education. Title IX requires schools to investigate instances of sexual harassment (which can include crimes like sexual assault) and remedy the hostile environment they create. They use a preponderance of evidence standard to determine whether or not the harassment occurred (Is it more likely than not that it happened?) It is not necessary to report the incident to police or have an adjudication in order to have protections under Title IX.

Frederick County schools likewise need to improve teacher training and student education on the protections afforded by Title IX to prevent sexual harassment, sexual assault and gender/sex-based discrimination. Students from the Winchester Young Democrats have called about the Frederick County School Board to improve sex education in the schools and better train students and teachers on sexual harassment.

Case of Francesca at Handley High School

Francesca’s case has received media attention. (See Winchester Star article and Buzz Feed article).

Doug Joyner has been appointed head of HR and TItle IX Coordinator. That means he will be in charge of all Title IX matters for Winchester Public Schools. When Doug Joyner was principal, he responded so poorly to a teacher-on-student sexual abuse that he was the subject of a Title IX lawsuit. (see Winchester Star article from this past week, and this link: http://www.nvdaily.com/news/local-news/2012/06/time-running-out-on-former-handley-student-suit/

Tuesday Go to the Winchester City Council Meeting

Arrive by 5:30 PM to sign up to speak during the public comments portion of the meeting at Winchester’s Rouss City Hall council chambers.

Please sign up for Facebook Event so we know who is planning to go.

We would like to know from the City Council whether they approve of Douglas Joyner’s appointment and if they would request his appointment be withdrawn and a new search begun.

September Town Hall on Title IX Protections for our Children

We will begin planning a town hall that will be open to the public. We will also reach out to teachers, PTO organizations, and local politicians such as state delegates, and members of local government. The Winchester Young Democrats will be co-hosting this event with Indivisible Winchester. Stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, if you want to help organize these efforts…

Organize a meeting with school officials Before the Town Hall

We want to hear from them in a format that allows for back and forth dialogue and information gathering.

Research What Trump’s Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is doing

Education Department withdraws Obama-era campus sexual assault guidance CNN Sept. 22, 2017

Civil rights groups sue Betsy DeVos over sexual assault policy CNN January 25, 2018

Betsy DeVos’ “Interim Guidance” Is Dangerous, but You Still Have Rights Under Title IX


Join our Planning Facebook Group for this important Local Issue

Enough Is Enough: Title IX Protections for Our Schools


Winchester City Council
Winchester Public Schools

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  1. Doug Joyner is unsuitable for the job overseeing.Title IX violations. He was principal at Handley when a student was being sexually violated by a teacher. Every other admin lost their job or retired, he was promoted to the Central Office. This incident was not the only one of this nature during his tenure there. He should have been fired too, not promoted.

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