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Magisterial Districts

Frederick County is divided into magisterial districts (shown here) from which Board of Supervisors and School Board members are elected. The county provides a lookup where you can enter your address to find your district information.

Board of Supervisors

The Frederick County Board of Supervisors (BoS) is the policy-making body of the county. They are responsible for decisions on land use, development, county operations, and budgets, and other policy activities.

BoS members are elected for four-year terms which are staggered at two-year intervals. (The next BoS elections are in 2019.)


BoS meetings are the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, Board of Supervisors' Meeting Room, 107 North Kent Street, County Administration Building. The meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. All meetings are open to the public.

Board of Supervisors Members

Up for re-election in 2019:

  • Charles S. DeHaven, Jr. (R), Chairman At-Large, (540) 662-7421, email:
  • Gary A. Lofton (R), Back Creek Supervisor, (540) 869-1972; email:
  • J. Douglas McCarthy (R), Gainesboro Supervisor, (540) 535-8632; email:
  • Robert W. Wells (R), Opequon Supervisor, (540) 869-1168; email:

Up for re-election in 2021:

  • Blaine P. Dunn (R), Red Bud Supervisor, 540-665-8006; email:
  • Shannon Trout (I), Shawnee Supervisor, email:
  • Judith McCann-Slaughter (R), Stonewall Supervisor, (540) 533-2410; email:


In addition to the elected BoS, there are advisory boards, commissions, and committees that assist the BoS in their duties. Indivisible members seeking to make a difference might consider serving on these committees. The county's Board of Supervisors Committees page contains a complete listing, but some to consider include:

  • Electoral Board: Ensures that proper procedures are followed for elections and certifies election results. The 3 members are appointed by the Judge of the Circuit Court for a 3-year term.
  • Finance Committee: Deals with financial matters, including preliminary reviews of the county budget. The Committee includes 4 BoS members and 3 citizen members (who serve 1-year terms and are appointed by the Chairman of the BoS).
  • Planning Commission: Advises the BoS on planning, zoning, and land use. Includes of thirteen members appointed by the Board of Supervisors serving four year staggered terms; two from each magisterial district, one member-at-large, and a liaison from the Board of Supervisors.
  • Social Services Board: Responsible for administration and management of the welfare programs in the county. Includes 7 citizen members who serve a 4-year term and appointed by the BoS (1 from each magisterial district and 1 member-at-large).
  • Conservation Easement Authority: Manages the easement program that allows the county to preserve open space, historic sites, environmental assets, and rural character. The authority includes 7 citizen members who serve a 3-year term and appointed by the BoS.

School Board

The Frederick County Public School Board is comprised of seven members: 6 from each of the county's magisterial districts, and 1 at-large member. Board members are elected for four-year terms which are staggered at two-year intervals. The Board Chairman and Vice Chairman are elected by the board at its first meeting each January.

Among other duties, the board:

  • appoints the superintendent of schools
  • sets school division policies, guidelines, and procedures
  • manages the school division's budget
  • manages school division property, including buildings


The regularly scheduled meetings for the School Board are held the first and third Tuesdays of each month. The meetings are held at the Frederick County Public Schools Administration Building, 1415 Amherst Street, Winchester, Virginia. The meetings begin at 7 p.m. and are open to the public.

School Board Members

Up for re-election in 2019:

  • John J. Lamanna, Chairman; Member at Large
  • Seth T. Thatcher, Vice Chairman; Opequon District
  • Kali C. Klubertanz, Back Creek District
  • Michael A. Lake, Gainesboro District

Up for re-election in 2021:

  • Shontya' Washington, Redbud District
  • Jay W. Foreman, Shawnee District
  • Frank E. Wright, Stonewall District

Cities and Towns

  • Stephens City
  • Middletown