Indivisible Winchester Candidate Endorsements Process

At our last general meeting (Sunday September 8th) 30 people in attendance discussed the need to endorse candidates whom we have met and who share our progressive values. Many Indivisible groups nationwide are reaching this same conclusion. In fact, Indivisible Guide, the national organization that resources us in many ways, is calling on groups to make endorsements. Why? Because often enough progressive candidates have to face “centerist” party-establishment candidates who have more money and inevitably get endorsements from other party politicians. Too often the progressive vote is split among two or more candidates. Endorsing from a respected grassroots group like ours helps level that playing field. Moreover, by combining our endorsements and our volunteer manpower with other like-minded grassroots groups, we can make a real difference on the “six big things” described in this Indivisible Guide Indivisible Endorsements: What Makes Your Group’s Endorsement Powerful?

  1. Creating meaningful pressure for your preferred policies and values.
  2. Building stronger relationships with elected representatives.
  3. Energizing your members and building your group’s shared purpose.
  4. Contributing to the functioning of democracy.
  5. Having fun. Working on campaigns and helping people you truly believe in are fun!
  6. Possibly winning. Still, your group’s endorsement very well might be what puts your candidate over the top. Especially in local elections and primaries — and even in statewide elections in some cases — small groups of people can absolutely alter the outcome of the race.

We will:

  • Endorse candidates running primaries as well as general elections
  • Endorse candidates in our region, Winchester City, Clarke and Frederick counties (VA House Districts 10, 33, 29 and VA senate district 27) as well as county supervisor, town council and other local candidates, and perhaps statewide candidates. But for now these endorsements will be limited and likely not cover every race.
  • Ensure that anyone in our group is still free to support and volunteer for a candidate of their choosing.
  • Follow a transparent and fair endorsement process.

If you want to have a voice in shaping our process, please be sure to attend our next general meeting to be held on Sunday October 20th. We’re shooting for 50 people like we had at our August meeting at Ellie’s house.

  1. Over the next week, by, Friday Sept. 28th, please email us ( any questions you would like to include on our candidate questionnaire for our interview with Ronnie Ross. He is running for State Senate District 27, currently held by Republican Jill Vogel. Ronnie has been to several Indivisible Winchester events, and we’ve had a chance to get to know him. We are ready to interview him.
  2. IW Leadership Team—which is roughly ten people who meet regularly by online chat, in person, by phone and email to plan events and lead the activities of Indivisible Winchester—will finalize the candidate questionnaire and schedule an in person meeting with Ronnie.
  3. We will publish the results of that interview with Ronnie Ross in our Facebook Group and newsletter to give everyone enough time to review them for a vote during our next meeting on Oct. 20th
  4. Also, during the meeting on Oct. 20th we will establish what level of consensus is needed to endorse (simple majority, 2/3rds majority, plurality).

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