Indivisible Winchester Endorses Ronnie Ross for VA Senate

We have come to know and appreciate Ronnie Ross as he campaigns for Virginia’s 27th state senate seat. He has put in the effort to get to know people across the district, at farmer’s markets, festivals, house parties, Democratic committee meetings and meetings of Indivisible Winchester and other grassroots groups. He has volunteered on the 2018 campaigns for Senator Tim Kaine, as well as Vangie Williams, Leslie Cockburn and Jennifer Wexton for congress. If you are an activist or volunteer, odds are you have already met Ronnie.

Indivisible Winchester enthusiastically endorses Ronnie Ross for the Virginia senate. He is the kind of honest and authentically progressive voice we need to represent us in the state legislature. Many of us have said to one another, “I really like Ronnie!” He speaks from the heart about why he is running, often with his 1-year old Ronnie Jr. in his arms and his wife Josie by his side. He smiles a lot. He shows up. And best of all, when you ask him about issues such as healthcare, public education, election reform, the environment, and jobs, he has ready answers that do not sound like canned sound bites but rather the thoughtful output of a compassionate thinker who has vision for building stronger communities and improving the lives of all Virginians.

Ronnie runs!

He agreed to answer IW’s candidate’s questionnaire in a live interview, and based on his answers to that interview and his statements on a variety of issues, we are confident he is capable of defeating Republican Jill Vogel in 2019 and will make an excellent senator. At our last general meeting and in an online poll of active IW members, we took a vote to endorse. The vote was unanimous! 

With this endorsement, our goal is to signal to the political establishment that Ronnie Ross has the grassroots support he will need to win his race. We further wish to send a message that a first-time candidate with the right character and experience can be better in our collective view than the conventional route of moving up the political food chain from one elected position to the next, backed by log-rolling endorsements from colleague politicians and Richmond power brokers. That’s not change you can believe in. We believe in Ronnie Ross.

— Indivisible Winchester’s Leadership Team

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