IW Endorses the Flip Congress Fundraiser for 7 VA Seats

Retake Up to Seven U.S. Congressional Seats

With your help, we can put Virginia progressives in the U.S. Congress

  • For Jobs
  • A Clean Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Civil rights
  • Gun safety


Please Visit the Link Now – Thank You!

Ask friends! Give now, then please ask friends to give. Recurring monthly gifts are wonderful. The organizers, listed at the link, are Virginians committed to a government that reflects neighbors helping neighbors. We flipped 15 seats in Virginia last year. We work in groups including:

WofA, Blue NoVA, Virginia Democracy, Forward Network, NoVA Indivisible, NoVA West, Indivisible Winchester, Stafford Indivisible, CAN Indivisible, Below the Beltway, Arlington Action Group, 31st St Swing Left, NOPE, Neighbors Flip Virginia

Come by our table at the Women’s Summit, June 23, for fun and photos with elected officials. Timing / Disbursement. After the June 12 primaries, ActBlue will send all funds to the seven campaigns except 3.95% for processing / credit card fees. Your donation will be divided among them unless you designate otherwise during checkout.

Donate Now

Thank you for flipping Congress!

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