January 11 General Meeting Notes – Spread the Vote

Thank you to everyone who came out last night for our first general meeting of Indivisible Winchester since September. We’re excited about the energy and commitment of our group of grassroots activists in Virginia’s Clarke and Frederick counties. We have ambitious plans for 2018 which include:

  • Starting a local chapter of Spread the Vote, a great nonprofit that is committed to assisting people in obtaining official Photo IDs, which they can use to vote.
  • Registering Voters. We will soon announce a training session date for February, and then plan to have at least a monthly activity that you can plug in to if you want to help! Keep an eye on this blog for more posts about voter registration. Good guide from Popular Democracy.
  • Promoting Key Bills in this legislative session, which runs from January 10-March 10. We want you to share them with your friends on social media, and help us lobby our legislators.
  • Learning about the slate of candidates that are running for the 10th congressional district.
  • Protesting Trump on Tuesdays
    • Woman’s March January 20th. Bus leaving out of Strasburg (20 miles south of Winchester). 15 seats left and they need riders to help cover the costs.
    • Tuesday weekly protests outside of Barbara Comstock’s office 5PM – 6PM. We need more people to show up so Anita and Tori aren’t alone.
  • Developing a story or narrative that resonates with more people and shows how we share common values of fairness, justice, empathy. Let’s help the Democrats improve their messaging from the grassroots up!

Ironically, while about 30 of us were meeting in one room of a government facility, next door was the local Tea Party with about the same amount of people. Just goes to show you that we have to keep working, because they are working against us. You should have seen their trucks full of bumper stickers like Libertard! Lock Her Up! Trump is Making America Great!

Links from the Powerpoint (download the Powerpoint).

Tracking Bills Resources:


Get Alerts on what’s important: http://vaplan.us/


Voter Registration Links


Virginia Civic Engagement Table Good Stuff


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