March for Our Lives in Winchester, VA – PRESS RELEASE

Written by the students

For Immediate Release

WINCHESTER, Va., (March 20, 2018) – March For Our Lives in an international, student organized and run protest to bring our youth and community together on the issues of gun violence, school safety, and the patterns of complacency from politicians in office. Pioneered by the survivors of the Parkland shooting last month, the students planned a march on DC to protest gun violence. Marches are taking place all around the globe, and while they are separated geographically, they are together on the issues. Students in the Winchester area, along with some local leaders, are planning a march in downtown Winchester.

“Congress has spent too long waiting for the right time to act, and we are here saying the time is now. They have offered condolences to the families of victims but done nothing to bring them justice,” said Carly Kaderli, President of the Millbrook High School chapter of Young Democrats. “Justice comes with real action to ensure that what happened in Parkland, Florida and the many other places like it will never happen again. Lobbying for common sense gun reform, voting for representatives who share our values on this topic, and taking steps to make school safer for us along with the next generation of students are changes that will begin the process of cutting down on gun violence.”

Tragedies like the one that took place in Parkland are overabundant, yet the survivors of this event are making a stand. Those brave students are survivors, now taking the spotlight that was shined upon them during the fateful hours and days after the shooting and making the most of the exposure, empowering the nation’s student body to run marches all across the nation.

“Our representative in Congress, Barbara Comstock, is in the top ten for the most money received from the NRA and only has their agenda in mind. Comstock has voted in line with the NRA at every turn, including dangerous gun laws that exploit the second amendment,” said Patrick Northrop, leader of Winchester Young Democrats. With Comstock’s reelection coming up in November, students like Northrop and Kaderli have their minds set on unseating her. Winchester Young Democrats are working alongside groups like Indivisible Winchester and the Winchester-Frederick County Democratic Committee to help make this march a reality. At 10 a.m., all citizens who want safe and secure schools and communities will join them at 20 N Loudoun St. on the Walking Mall in downtown Winchester.



If you are going, please click Going, because we are trying to get a head count.

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