Stay Vigilant When You See These Symbols of Divisiveness and Authoritarianism

Beware the false flag of Trumpian/Tea Party symbols and chachki. They are the products of relentless right wing propaganda designed to get people to act tribally and vote against their own self interests. Divide and conquer the masses while the oligarchs laugh all the way to the bank and in the corridors of power.

Confederate Battle Flags

White segregationists used the Confederate flag to protest the civil rights movement.

People who insist on displaying the Confederate Flag (AKA the battle flag of the CSA Army of Northern Virginia) aren’t proud of their Southern heritage or nostalgic for the Duke’s of Hazard. They want you to know that they like the tack the country has taken under 45 and the GOP and want to keep it that way. It’s a symbol of white supremacy, xenophobia, and hate and always has been…since about 1948 when segregationist Southern Democrats reacting against President Harry Truman’s civil rights program split off to form their own short lived political party, the Dixiecrats. They eventually found a home in the Republican Party thanks to Nixon’s infamous Southern Strategy of feeding off of the latent prejudices simmering in many white southerners’ hearts as the civil rights movement made progress.

So when you see it flying on pickup trucks, displayed next to the American flag on porches, and on bumperstickers, know that it’s owner is really hoping to thumb his nose at non-whites and anyone who would defend diversity and the rule of law that protects all citizens of the United States of America. Dude, you’re flag is anti-American and hateful. The flags modified with the phrase “Heritage Not Hate” are propagating a lie, and you know what Joseph Goebbel’s said about the big lie.

Modified American Flags

The flag—a black-and-white US flag with a single blue stripe across its middle—was created as a way to honor fallen officers. But more and more, it’s been co-opted by fringe-right and racist groups.

Norms about how to treat the American Flag have broken down in this new age of right wing hostility to what the flag stands for. You’re not supposed to let the Flag touch the ground. You’re not supposed to fly it upside down unless signaling distress. There are prescribed ways for respectfully retiring a worn out flag. And yet self-styled “patriots” think it’s fine to emboss political slogans on the flag like “Remember Benghazi” (which I saw a few years ago in downtown Martinsburg, WV) hanging on an apartment door. There’s a new defaced flag that is cropping up as another symbol intended to divide and conquer the populace. The unsaturated Flag with one stripe turned blue ostensibly is supposed to honor law enforcement as the “thin blue line.” It’s new symbolic purpose is to say Us (gun owners and police) vs Them (Black Lives Matter protesters in Ferguson or anyone protesting the Trumpian status quo. The Blue Line Flag has been adopted by white supremacists just like Pepe the Frog was adopted.

Don’t Tread on Me

AP Photo by Ryan Kang

The Tea Party adopted the modern version of the Gadsen Flag, a yellow flag with a snake and Don’t Tread on Me, around 2010 well before the rise of 45 and the Make America Great again meme. Sometimes you see them flying on people’s front porches where the house often has a “no trespassing” sign in the living room window. Uh, OK buddy, I get it, your home is your castle. Ironically, your right to be left alone also means you need to leave other people alone who might have a different sexual orientation or ethnicity from your rosy-cheeked visage.

The rise of the yellow license plate in Virginia, and increasingly in other states, is simply a convenient way to know which drivers are likely assholes to steer clear of.

Too much?

Make America Great

When you see an old geezer wearing one of these…

Point to it and say, that’s why we march.

This pussy grabs back.

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