Stopping Rockwool

Stopping Rockwool is a matter of political will or a lawsuit, or both. A lawsuit could help slow down the company and the corrupt officials who greenlighted this horrible industrial factory long enough for necessary change in local leadership.


Go to Sign the petition. Be sure to read the How We Win page. Join the Facebook group Concerned Citizens Against Rockwool moderated by the non-partisan, non-profit organization Jefferson County Vision.

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Jill Upson, U.S. House of Representative District 65

On her Facebook Page: In Case You Missed It! #Rockwool #HD65 #Ranson #JeffersonCounty #Jobs #GoRockwool

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin

“These are genuine concerns that are worthy of thoughtful reply and engagement from you and your team at Rockwool. Therefore, I respectfully request your written reply outlining Rockwool’s plan to ensure all environmental impacts are mitigated as much as possible during both construction and operation of the facility. Additional information regarding Rockwool’s emissions at its existing North American facilities would be helpful data for informing this conversation in West Virginia. And it is imperative you continue to remain engaged with the community via additional town halls. I also strongly urge you to facilitate meetings with families and local leaders from the communities where your existing facilities operate, such as Toronto, Ontario.

I have long said that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts. I also believe that our environment and economy can be balanced, and our economic leaders should do everything they can to ensure both. Consequently, I also ask that you commit to remaining engaged with the community to continue your efforts to address local concerns, and encourage you to be as transparent as possible as you pursue environmental permits for the facility. The safe and environmentally responsible construction and operation of the proposed Rockwool facility in Jefferson County is inextricably linked to its success.” Say it isn’t so, Joe!

Ranson City Council

The Ranson City Council is unmoved by the public outcry. Vote them out in 2022! Unfortunately all of them were just elected to a 4-year term in June 2018. Ask for their resignations and a special election.

Ranson is governed by a seven member City Council elected by the citizens of Ranson. The members each serve four-year terms.  The Council consists of the Mayor, three at-large members and three ward council members.

  • Keith “Duke” Pierson, Mayor
    Filling Unexpired Term of Late Mayor A. David Hamill: July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2017
  • Jay Watson, At-Large Council (Deceased)
    The City of Ranson is seeking a new city council member to fill an unexpired at-large city council vacancy caused by the death of a sitting Council member. The selected person will serve on the city council until June 30, 2022. Individuals must live within the city limits of Ranson. (WHO SELECTS? Demand an election)
  • David Cheshire, At-Large Council
    Term: July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2018
  • Tony Grant, At-Large Council
    Term: July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2017

Charles Town City Council

They have the power to deny the sewer bond.

Scott Rogers (Mayor)
Elected May 2017 (4 year term)

  • Strongly opposes Rockwood
  • Tweets Sept. 11th: “All construction at the heavy industrial factory in Jefferson County needs to stop immediately. The impacts to our environment and the health of are children are just too dangerous”Further, we need a full and independent investigation of all elements of the secret negotiations that brought to Jefferson County. I request all parties to the non-disclosure agreements to release each other and bring the truth forward.”
Michael Tolbert (Council Member Ward 1)
Elected May 2015 (4 year term)
  • Seems like he might oppose Rockwool

Chet Hines (Council Member Ward 1)
Re-elected May, 2017 (4 year term)

  • No questions at the last council eeting

Michael Brittingham (Council Member Ward 2)
Elected May 2017 (4 year term)

  • Opposes Rockwool “I will do everything in my power to stop you.”

Nick Zaglifa (Council Member Ward 2)
Elected May 2015 (4 year term)

Ann Paonessa (Council Member Ward 3)
Re-elected May 2015 (4 year term)

  • Absent last council meeting
  • “The idea that this selected body has to direct the vote of any appointed official on any of our boards and commissions is just shocking to me,” said Council member Ann Paonessa. “We work through a whole system of appointed boards. We’re talking about directing the vote of an appointed official on any one issue.

Todd Coyle (Council Member Ward 3)
Elected May 2017 (4 year term)

Michael W. George (Council Member Ward 4)
Elected May 2017 (4 year term)

Bob Trainor (Council Member Ward 4)
Elected May 2015 (4 year term)

  • Asked questions at the last council meeting


Jefferson County School Board

The School Board just voted to reject Rockwool! They are now seeking legal counsel.

  • School Board President Kathy Skinner asked Rockwool to pause construction and prove that the plant is safe.
  • Arthena Roper: Says she appreciates the activists eloquent voices and personally opposes Rockwool.

Jefferson County Development Commission.

Disband It! This will require 10 percent of registered voters in Jefferson County to petition for a voter referendum.

HERE IS A LIST OF EMAILS for the Jefferson County Development Authority.

We are asking the JCDA to delay the water bond vote until the Board of Education has received their Human Health Risk Assessment.

We need 10 JCDA members to vote against the water bond. Here are their names an their emails:

  • Eric Lewis, President, Ours, Lawyer, Lewis & Company, PLLC —
    Posted a long post about how driving to Canada confirmed his feelings that Rockwool is good for the county. What kookaid did he drink?“With regard to Rockwool, to the best of my knowledge, the company and every involved government agency and/or entity followed each and every law, regulation and ordinance.“The opponents of the plant want to change the rules in the middle of the process. That goes against the rule of law and the way our government is set up. It would also have a chilling effect on economic development in this county for years to come.“If companies find out that they can follow all of the rules laid out for them and still face roadblocks or stoppages mid-process, we won’t ever be able to bring any kind of new companies into this county, emissions or not.
  • Mike Chapman, Vice President, Royal Vendors
  • Harry Wilkins, Secretary/Treasurer, American Public University
  • Annette Gavin Bates, Jefferson County Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Andy Blake, City of Ranson
  • Daniel Casto, Atwill, Troxell & Leigh, P.C.
    “My belief is that people are playing politics on this,” he said of residents protesting against the Rockwool factory. “It’s time people to start looking at the facts instead of some of the hyperbole out there and the sensationalism….The narrative that we were snookered and [the JCDA] ill take anything that comes along is very, very false.”  In an email to someone he wrote: “I believe we have a contractual obligation to fulfill. I know that is not what many would prefer but we are in a tough spot.”
  • Daryl Hennessy, City of Charles Town Says he will vote how the majority of council members want him to vote on the water bond third vote.
  • Gary Kable, Jefferson County Board of Education Liaison ( does NOT vote on Water bond )
  • Ben Martz, Shepherd University
  • Neil McLaughlin, WVU Healthcare
  • Howard Mills, Town of Shepherdstown
  • Peter Onoszko, Jefferson County Commission
  • Tony Roberts, Long and Foster Real Estate
  • Jim Ruland, RAI Properties, Inc.
    (304) 728-6225
  • Michael Shepp, Retired
  • Steve Stolipher, Jefferson County Planning Commission
  • Lyle Tabb, Lyle C. Tabb and Sons, Inc.
  • Karan Townsend, Town of Harpers Ferry
  • Laura Whittington, Town of Bolivar
  • Julia Yuhasz, Hospice of the Panhandle

Jefferson County Development Authority Information:

Here are list of employees of JCDA. THEY DO NOT GET TO VOTE.

Nic Diehl :

Lyn Goodwin:

Jane Jones :

Matthew Coffey :

Elizabeth Wheeler :

Mailing Address:

1948 Wiltshire Rd. Suite 4
Kearneysville, WV

Jefferson County Commissioners

They can also stop Rockwell. Get them to withdraw the pilot. Tear up the agreement, and defend any lawsuit that Ranson or Rockwool throws at them.  They have published statements to the effect that they have no say in the matter. It’s all on Ranson and the state.

Jane M. Tabb, Commissioner
Middleway District
Term: January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2018

  • Voted for the Pilot.
  • Republican
  • “After listening to concerned citizens, doing my own research and much soul searching, I can no longer support the Rockwool project due to air quality issues.
    The Rockwool plant location has the potential to impact a large number of school age children and others with health issues. I do not feel that the Clean Air standards are adequate to avoid negative impacts to our citizens and visitors.
    I acknowledge that Rockwool has met all the legal requirements to proceed with the project. However, the air quality issues are a game changer for me and I will work to turn this around.”
  • Jane Tabb, a moderate Republican, often votes with veteran Commissioner Patsy Noland, the board’s only Democrat. (source)

Robert Barrat, Candidate

  • Candidate Opposes Rockwool!
  • Lawyer
  • Democrat

Patsy Noland, Commissioner

  • Democrat
  • Kabletown District
  • Term: January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2020
  • On the JCDC: “It’s not just a county development authority,” Noland said. “It is a countywide development authority that includes all the municipalities, and those folks all have a vote and a voice on that authority.”

Josh Compton, President
Charles Town District
Term: January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2022

  • Republican.
  • Critical of the two Democrats running for “politicizing” Rockwool
  • Critical of Loudoun County for making a statement of concern
  • His Update on Rockwool: (My sole opinion as a commissioner and not speaking on behalf of the JCC)
    A lot of residents have contacted me regarding the PILOT agreement and whether or not the County has the ability to just effectively “tear it up.” If the county were to backtrack on this agreement it would essentially be a breach of contract and potentially open us up to a lawsuit with damages into the millions of dollars….
  • Seems like he is strongly PRO ROCKWOOL

Caleb Wayne Hudson, Vice President
Shepherdstown District
Term: January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2022

  • Sean Wrote: KUDOS to Caleb Wayne Hudson for having enough GUTS, HEART, and HUMILITY to be *FIRST* to say hey, this was a bad idea! That’s leadership, young man! Thank you for HEARING YOUR CONSTITUENTS!
  • Republican
  • Lives in Shepherdstown
  • Fan of Peter Onoszko: “During my tenure at the JCC the leadership Commissioner Onoszko has provided has been pivotal in ensuring the representation of Jefferson County residents. Through issues regarding the PSD, Annexation, and more, Commissioner Onoszko has been at the forefront of the conversation. I fully endorse Peter Onoszko in his campaign for his election for Jefferson County Commission and his fight to bring representation to the people of Jefferson County.”

Peter Onoszko, Commissioner
Harpers Ferry District
Term: July 21,2016 – December 31, 2018

  • Posted: “In the State of West Virginia, County Commissions do not have the authority to approve or disapprove any such facilities located within the boundaries of a municipality and that includes zoning or the granting of zoning variances.”Since the Rockwool facility is located within the municipal boundary of Ranson, that authority resides with the Ranson City Council.Thus the Jefferson County Commission cannot neither approve nor disapprove the Rockwool facility.

Ralph Lorenzetti, Candidate: He would replace Onoszko.

The Jefferson County Farmland Protection Board

Officially opposes Rockwool & heavy industry. They held a vote with two recusals.

  • Rob Glenn, the President of the Farmland Board, recused himself from the discussion & vote (his law firm, not him, handled the Pilot Agreement
  • Nic Diehl, executive director, recused himself but then he debated
  • Jane Tabb (Jefferson County Commissioner and non-voting member of the board
  • Russell Quinn, farmer and a member of the Jefferson County Farm Bureau
  • Nicholas Kercheval, farmer and a member of the Eastern Panhandle Soil Conversation District
  • David Ober. farmer
  • Liz D. McDonald

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