VA Republican Delegates Who Are On the Bubble

These Republican Virginia Delegates narrowly won their seats in the 2017 election. They might vote for reforms in order to hang on to their seats in 2 years. If they don't, every bad vote ought to be pinned to them like so many feathers.

Bob Thomas - District 28

Win margin .34%
Partisanship score: Very Red

County of Stafford (part); City of Fredericksburg

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Tim Hugo - District 40

Win margin .35% Win margin .34%
Partisanship score: Red

Totally partisan when it comes to redistricting. He killed bills last year in committee with no discussion.

Fairfax, Prince Williams County

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Roxann Robinson - District 27

Win margin .43%
Partisanship score: Red

Chesterfield County


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Riley Ingram - District 62

Win margin 3.5%
Partisanship: Purple Red
Chesterfield County, Hopewell City, Henrico County

Off all the Republicans contacted about redistricting, Riley was the only incumbent who responded that yes Virginia was gerrymandered and he was open to considering fair redistricting

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